Cleaning Up The Blog

I have gone through the blog and deleted almost everything that isn’t poetry or a short story – over half of the posts.

Until I change my mind again, the blog will now consist of poetry, short stories, and free writings.  I also have left some old photos up.

I’ll post about as often as I write something suitable enough to post.


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is an aristocratic, authoritative holiday designed by imbeciles in stained white stockings with a hole in the knee.

This hole in the knee represents the hole in their hearts that they attempt to fill with a meaningless, corporation driven holiday every February that includes spending ridiculous amounts of money at Jared’s, just to come home and present an incorrectly sized ring to your gold digger ex wife who for some reason still lives with you.  You walk into the living room of your 5 bedroom, rundown apartment to find her having sex with a man who looks suspiciously like Darth Vader without his helmet on.  You proceed to question her as to why she would ever betray you in such a way, in your own football ridden sanctuary, no less.  She reminds you that the two of you are divorced, so technically she wasn’t betraying anyone.  You shrug, punch the man in his wrinkly face, and proceed to take you and your incorrectly sized ring elsewhere.  You end up on the streets of Baltimore, late at night, being propositioned by a lady of the night.  You stare at the woman for a moment, shove the ring box into her well manicured hand, and hightail it to a dive bar.  You then get drunk off of tequila and eat about ten individual lime slices before you pass out in the corner, your foot dangerously close to a puddle that glints – suspiciously – yellow in the lighting.


do you ever feel

lost in space

you’ve misplaced

that thing

you know

that thing you forgot

maybe it was your brain

but that is insane

you can’t misplace your brain

can you?

maybe you are just tired

that’s it

you’re not going crazy

you are just a tad sleep deprived

happens to everyone

so. . .

what were you thinking about?

oh yeah

maybe you did misplace your brain

if only it was raining

you would be lulled to sleep

pulled into the land of dreams

that you will not remember the next morning

so what is the point of dreaming?

maybe your brain just gets bored

when it has but the company of your subconcious

the movie of your dream plays

and your brain has no popcorn to go along with it

the syrup in the soda fountain has gone sour

the nachos are stale

and the concession stand is all out

of sour patch kids

Saying Good-Bye

curled up in a rough blue towel

she is sleeping

soft black fur

cold silk under hand

she is sleeping

unblinking eye gazing at nothing

beautiful whiskers twitching no more

she is sleeping

kiss her un-moving ear

catnip spread across her head

she is sleeping

a few feet underground

where she’ll never be cold again

good night

dear cat

P.S.  Happy belated Veterans Day.  Thank you.

Broken People

What makes you think
You have any right
To enter my lovely realm
Go away we already have
A beautiful life
In my dystopian city
With it’s crimes and spiraling poverty
I don’t want you to destroy
My dystopian city
It’s lovely isn’t it
And I don’t need your help to finish it
I’ll start another fire
I can light the match on my own
I’ll slash another tire
But I don’t desire
Your screwdriver
My dystopian city doesn’t need your pity
And neither do I
I don’t need to hold your hand when I cry
Don’t dare to wipe my tears dry
I’m in perfect control of my dystopian city
Stop it with that gaze that tells me you’re trying to be witty
You’re not my friend or my lover
So in front of you my emotions I will smother

As Long As

shut up
you aren’t making sense
speak up
a bit more clearly please
make up your mind
instead of being so on the fence
slow down
we can’t keep up
quicken your pace
or we’ll leave you behind
it’s all situational
you are expendable
so easy to get rid of
we don’t care
you’re cool
as long as you’re convenient


You can’t seem to understand me
I know I can’t comprehend you
The sounds coming out of your mouth
Jumbled up like alphabet stew
Too thick to be real
And too passionate to be fake
This sudden barrier between us
Seems so hard to break
We used to be in sync
Or was that all a dream
A look a laugh a gesture
All we needed
Now you talk
I hear the words
But just can’t see it
Our two-person dictionary
Has been deleted