Writing Poetry, Amid Other Things

I suppose I should post when I can instead of procrastinating, since I’ll be going to work again Monday and that means I won’t post nearly as much, though I will try to post once a day (though it may have to be just my poem of the day, which I can probably write during work).  My last post was received well, which really surprised me, so I was wondering earlier if I should write more serious poetry like that all the time…

But then I realized that would be going against my values.  This blog is for me, not my friends or fellow bloggers.  I would absolutely love if I could help raise awareness for a cause or brighten someone’s day through this blog.  It definitely wouldn’t tear me up inside to find out people like my poetry.  But I can’t write for other people.  I can write what I want to, when I have inspiration.  I thought the poem-a-day posts during April, the National Poetry and Writing Month (or something like that…) would be fun, so I’m doing it.  Challenging myself.  But I am not going to write for other people.  Because if I did that, it would be a plate full of pancakes and no one would enjoy it, least of all the people I wrote it for.

So onto writing poetry.  Umm… there was something meaningful I wanted to say about this?  I like writing poetry and have been for at least 4 Earth years.  Not that all of it was good, especially the early stuff.  It’s also really bad if I don’t have inspiration.  Anyway, I’m tired of hearing myself babble.  (Er, reading myself babble?)  Do you write poetry?  What do you think about writing for other people, versus writing for yourself?


6 thoughts on “Writing Poetry, Amid Other Things

  1. When you write for yourself then you write for others. When you are passionate about your words you can move the masses. Find your voice and share it, don’t hold back the poet or you will suffocate. However, that’s just my opinion based on my own experience. Keep writing!

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