Poem of the Day

I went to my room

And was filled with an imminent sense of


When I saw the clock

And it was almost midnight and

I realized I had yet to post

A poem

And the only thing I can think of

Is that I cannot think of


Inspiration has left me

I guess it packed its bags and

Caught the next train

Because it only felt like staying in my brain

For one day

I can’t say I blame it

The guest bedroom is kinda cramped

And then of course as I was trying to post this from my cellular device the “Publish Post” button just did not want to be pressed, so I had to go all the way downstairs (lazy, aren’t I?) to post this before the clock struck midnight and my magical slippers turned back into squashes.  (Yes, I understand that was a really bad joke based on Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage but maybe someone laughed if only at how bad it was?)  Anyway, good night.  Sorry the poem came so late, see ya tomorrow!  (Well, not literally…)


6 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. I like the humorous way you approach things. Being a mathematician, I have no sense of humor that I am aware of. I have sometimes aspired to write a poem a day and my record I think is three days. It has now been quite a while.
    As a kid, one of my favorite books was Red Planet by Robert A Heinlein, about Mars and Martians, of course. I will think of you as Willis, if you prefer (if you haven’t read the book, I personally still enjoy reading it forty five years later so I can reccommend it.)

  2. It’s reddish. At least it used to be. At least they used to think it was. At least they used to imagine they thought it was.
    And they used to think they saw a grid of canals on Mars through the telescopes. Heinlein just went along with it all. He also wrote a book about Venus which was both more and less reasonable than Red Planet, it was called Between Planets, but it wasn’t nearly as good. If you end up liking him, by far his best book was Have Space Suit – Will Travel.

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