Poem of the Day

I forgot what I was going to say

Poetry is no way

To make a living

Because your brain runs dry or

No one recognizes your ultimate* genius

Until after you are dead

Now I have to go write the second installment of The Great Banishing of Sonnets because it is bugging me.  But not right now.  This weekend.  Probably.  Meanwhile, how do you find the time to blog, and who is your favorite poet? 

*I am NOT implying that I am a genius, because I know I am far from it.  But if you wish to tell me in flattering comments that I am amazing, feel free.  Seriously.  Go ahead.  I surely won’t stop you.   I’m waiting… Hello?  Huh.  You stopped reading.  Well, enjoy your day!  But you’ll wish you had spent more time on here when I’m dead and famous.


2 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Meanwhile, I don’t find nearly as much time to blog as I want. My favorite poet is either T. S. Eliot or Sylvia Plath or someone else. Marie Howe is really good. I don’t understand any of these poets, of course.
    Of course you are amazing. Aren’t we all?
    Meanwhile, peace to you.

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