Untitled Mobile Sculpture

This was going to be called “Falling Leaves” but now that sounds lame.  (In art class, we were supposed to make a mobile sculpture with a stable base {teacher got some inspiration from Alexander Calder} with a title already in mind.)  We planned it out through a maquette (am I spelling that right?), and my final product stuck pretty true.  However, it is missing a large metal piece that hangs from one of the metal things that probably has a name but whatever.  Just picture a large, leaf shaped red and yellow thing dangling from the unbalanced section.  Hopefully you’ll figure out what I’m talking about.


I really like the shadows created, but it would have a better impact if it were against an all white background/table.

Maybe my favorite photograph of the sculpture

Or maybe this is my favorite photo. Can’t make up my mind…

If you guys are into art, which do you like better?  2D or 3D?  If 2D, what media?  If 3D, what media, and do you like stable or mobile, or both, sculptures?


7 thoughts on “Untitled Mobile Sculpture

    • Well, I think everything is art. From architecture, to the doodles on the McDonald’s receipt, to a tent, to a trash can, someone designed it, someone put effort into it, and therefore, it is art. You know more about art than you realize. There isn’t really a definition of art. It is so limiting to think of the paintings/sculptures in museums as the only true art. Just because it isn’t “realistic” or “museum-worthy” or something doesn’t mean it isn’t art.

  1. I really liked the fourth picture, ’cause it reminded me of some spider woman character from a book or movie.

    And you’re so right about art vs. “Art”. Art doesn’t need to hang in a museum or have a big price tag to be worthy as art.

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