Insomnia 2

You can’t force inspiration it comes in a blast and as i write these words i try not to care whether people will like my free verse poetry that is so close to prose but i shouldnt care but i cant help hoping someone will consider my words and enjoy them

With a cup of coffee

In the morning as they watch the birds flit around outside and

Then i think how silly that is

Because birds dont really flit past peoples windows all that often

And im rambling in a slep deprived state and i think as i stare out the window at a black night except that isnt really true i just thought it sounded cool but i wasnt staring out the window duh i was writing the last few lines of this poem down and anyway what wad i saying oh yes i think of how someone probably wrote some poem like this before and as i read it five years from now i will feel guilty as though i copied the idea even though id never read or heard about that poem before writing this one

And then i read the poetry before this line and think how i felt all deep and stuff while writing it but you are probably laughing your face off or atleast giggling at my use of the term laughing your face off instead of a more commonly used one but i dont like cursing so deal with it even though occasionally when i spill hot tea on my jeans and burn my leg or stub my toe i think a curse or god forbid one slips from my previously unspoiled mouth but by then i spill so much tea that it has been spoiled long before then now ill go wash my mouth with soap except i wouldnt actually do that its just gross even though soaps supposed to be clean and stuff its not really the most edible thing in the world and now i think i really shouldnt write poetry when tired but i guess if you are reading this it wasnt too awful


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