Insomnia 3

Inspiration comes from amround you but really it all comes from your brain because your brain processes all that stuff thart you see and hear and smelland other varieties of experience and i should really just close my eyes and count sheep but poetry or whatwver this is its decidedly officially legally more entertaining well not legally i think that was a hyberbole but what do i know that could be some crazly law they dont enforce like in florida dont chain your pet alligayor to a fire hydrant or in california it isnt accrptable to hold a giraffe hostage by tying it to a telephone well ok the florida thing i domt know about and the giraffe thing i made up to getsome laughsbut admit it you giggles or hahawed or heehee or hoho or however you laugh and if you laugh like hoho than hi santa how are the polar bears and are they still drinking all the coke?


Tell me what you really think, I won't be offended...

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