“You’re saying that just because a death is quick… that that makes it humane?”

“It’s humane if they don’t feel pain.  Would you rather I drew it out?”

“It’s never humane to kill someone!”

“These deaths will save many lives.”

“What about the lives you are taking?”

“It is worth it.”

“Have you even thought about how these people have homes, families, friends, lovers, jobs, everything that you and I have?”

“Sometimes you have to get rid of thought to do what is right.”

“If you had any thought, you’d see this can’t be right!”

“Who decides what is right and wrong?”

“When did you decide that you have the right to take a life?”

“It’s God’s will.”

“You can’t play God!  And I doubt you had a conversation and He gave you permission.”

“You are being unreasonable.  What are these lives to the hundreds of thousands, even millions, that will be saved?”

“How can you value one human over another?”

“If you were to think scientifically, statistically, reasonably, for a moment, you’d see the numbers.”

“How can you be so calm about this?  Don’t you have a heart, a bit of a conscience?”

“I could ask the same of you.”

“How? I’m not the one about to kill!”

“Have you seen the numbers?”

“And what do the numbers say?!”

“That for every life lost at least a thousand will be saved.”

She pressed the button.


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