Copyright Paranoia

Has anyone ever had an idea come to them – for a poem, in my case – and it’s so easy to write the thing that you worry that you are somehow unknowingly plagiarizing someone else’s work?  That you heard it before and your sub-conscious stored it away. Or that no way could it be original, and another person has already put the exact same words on paper/internet….. and that sooner or later they will come proverbially knocking down your door, righteously screaming that they wrote that poem first….. even if there’s no way you could have known that, or known they existed, or that they were writing poems, or that somehow you both wrote the exact same thing?!  Because writing has a reputation for being hard, editing and revising until you want to tear the thing up, takes days to write even a short poem, or else the writing either sucks or isn’t original………

I’m having all those doubts about the poem I wrote this evening, which will be posted tomorrow.  It was too easy.  It either sucks or  I accidentally stole it from some other author.  And then they will find out and sue or arrest me or something, even though it wasn’t my fault!

Urrgh…. paranoia……


6 thoughts on “Copyright Paranoia

  1. Ack, I get that feeling all the time. Especially when I start a new writing project, the first thing I do is Google all the character names to make sure I’m not ripping off anyone. The good thing is that all stories have (apparently) already been told, so if our writing resembles something that’s already been done, it’s not a huge deal.

  2. I think we surprise ourselves with our own talent from time to time. I will read over something I did and I know it must have come form somewhere else. I know I did it, but it still surprises me. Trust in yourself.

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